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Which Ugly Christmas Sweater Are you?

Find out which Christmas sweater best fits your personality with a few simple questions:


You're getting ready to host a holiday party. What kind of music do you put on?


You've been invited to a white elephant holiday party. What's your go-to gift?


Do you like office holiday parties?


What's your favorite holiday movie?


What is your ideal present to get for the holidays?


What Christmas character is your favorite?


What's your ideal Christmas vacation destination?


Which old-school Christmas story is your favorite?


What's your favorite thing about the holidays?


It's time to sit down for dinner; what's the first thing you go for?

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Nothing says, "Happy Holidays" quite like an ugly Christmas sweater, are we right? Ugly Christmas fashion is a tacky phenomenon that isn't going away anytime soon. From ugly sweater parties, to bar crawls and contests, this ugly trend is all the rage. These hideous garments are making their way out of your great-grandmothers' closets and onto the holiday fashion scene. Think red and green, comically large depictions of Christmas characters and frilly pom-poms. This holiday season, find out which ugly Christmas sweater is uniquely you with a few simple questions. Have fun and let us help you find the perfect style that really jingles your bells. This quiz is jam packed with ugly sweater ideas and Christmas cheer that will leave you rocking an ugly Christmas sweater that is perfect for you!