Examples of the Best Photo Albums

Creating a photo album will highlight all the amazing memories you’ve had throughout all the occasions in your life. Using the pictures you’ve captured, you can create a personalized photo album that lets you see pictures printed in a different light. Seeing pictures printed on a photo album versus seeing it on a digital screen will make the difference in seeing the little details and the vivid color prints. Creating a personalized photo album will make a difference in making your memories last a lifetime.

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The Best Photo Albums

Explore all the different designs and layouts that Shutterfly has to offer, and find the one that best matches the photos you want to be featured in your personalized photo albums. Browse our wide range of photo albums which include designs from our designer collection, everyday, family, seasonal, travel photo book, wedding, year in review, and instant books; the variety of designs will match any special occasion you want to remember.

Variety of Shutterfly small photo books and large photo books with covers showing

Photo Album Sizes

From large photo albums to smaller photo albums, Shutterfly has a variety of sizes that will best fit your layout and style. Our large album sizes are 12X12 and 11X14 and will be perfect for fitting all of the pictures you want in large page space. If you’re looking for a medium-sized photo album, the 11X8 and 10X10 option sizes will be the perfect option for your next photo albums. For a more manageable size, the smaller option sizes of the 8X11 and 8X8 are great for displaying on walls or on coffee tables. Whichever size you decide to choose for your photo albums, your personalized photo album will be a memorable keepsake you will treasure forever.

Photo Album Details

Once you decide on the photo album size you want, you can decide between a lot of custom book types and page options that will accent your personalized photo album. Choose between two different cover options – a softcover and a hardcover for your next album. Each cover type has its unique traits and will look great showcasing your pictures. In addition, you can choose the binding of your photo album – standard pages, standard layflat, and deluxe layflat. Each of these bindings adds a special touch to the way you view the photos from within. Picking between these different options will give a different look and feel when browsing through your personalized photo album.

photo album with two girls on the cover hugging

Browse though our different designs of Shutterfly photo albums to create your one-of-a-kind photo album for every special occasion.

Designer Collection Photo Albums

Our designer collection of photo albums are specially designed exclusively for Shutterfly by talented and artistic designers. Each designer brings a special touch of style and detail to each photo album design that will show your photos in a special light. Although people overlook the little details, these designers take the time to make sure each accent highlights every photo on the page. From outdoor adventures to chic celebrations to Disney family adventures, there is a perfect layout for your next photo album within Shutterfly’s designer collection.

Everyday Photo Albums

Oftentimes, everyday moments come and go in a blink of an eye; and we forget about the little things that happened. To remember these everyday moments, it’s always a great idea to capture them with pictures that you can always look back to. While you look back on your everyday moment’s photo album, you’ll see the bigger picture of each image you include in your photo album and embrace the little details that made that day special. Choose a design that best matches your everyday look and feel, from modern photo album designs to rustic photo album designs and everything in between; there will be a photo album design that best matches your everyday photo album style.

Family Photo Albums

Never forget an important family event by creating a personalized family photo album. Spending time with family is often the most cherished time a person can have and to fully remember every detail can be difficult without looking back at photos and videos taken from that day. Creating a family photo album can also show you how much your family has grown over the years. With the addition of new faces and new places, it’s like looking back through a time capsule each time you open your family photo album.

family photo album with the title my rad dad with a family on the cover

Seasonal Photo Albums

Make each season as memorable as the last with a photo album of your favorite moments of the past seasons. Creating a seasonal photo album each season allows you to see the changes that happen throughout the year, then you’ll have a full recap of all the memorable and exciting things that happened that year. From seasonal photo albums that highlight Summertime Fun to Winter Memories, there is a photo album layout that is perfect for every season.

Travel Photo Albums

Each vacation you take, whether with family and friends or alone will always be a memorable experience. As you go on through your travels you will capture one in a lifetime memories, keep each travel memory together by creating a personalized travel photo book specifically for each vacation trip. With travel album designs from tropical beach vacations, road trips, Disney vacations, and more there will be a perfect travel photo album for every vacation you take.

travel photo book with winter decorations

Wedding Photo Albums

Remember the most important day of your life with a special wedding photo album. There are many things going on during your wedding day that you won’t get to fully experience and embrace, being able to look back through your wedding photo album will allow you to see the little things that you missed during your special day. As you look back on the most special day of your life, you will be thankful for all the pictures taken and a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes. Whether you and your spouse recently got married or have been married for a while, you can use all the pictures taken from your wedding as a reminder of the love you and your spouse share for one another. Wedding photo books can also feature images from the time you and your spouse have been dating to your engagement period.

Traditional Photo Albums

Traditional photo albums come in many different styles and varieties to fit any occasion. Choose from professional flush mount albums, premium photo books, standard hard cover photo books and more to create your one of a kind traditional photo albums. With two great ways to create your traditional photo albums, you can choose to have Shutterfly’s professional designers create your beautiful traditional photo albums or you can make it yourself and personalize each page down to the very last detail. Explore our traditional photo albums options to create your personalized photo album today.

Traditional photo album with a black cover with gold edges pages of a wedding day

Year in Review Photo Albums

In the blink of an eye, a year has come and gone. Keep all the important memories you’ve had throughout the year with a photo album dedicated to the year you’ve had with a year in review photo album. Take a better look with a recap of the year and embrace your most memorable highlights that include new additions, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and more. Pull in your most favorite photos taken over the past year and create a treasured yearbook that you’ll be able to look back in the future.

photo albums with two different designs featuring different members of a family on a sky background

6X6 Instant Book Photo Albums

These quick and easy to design instant book photo albums are a great way to print out memorable photo books. With a small and compact design, personalized instant books are as easy as uploading pictures to your Shutterfly account and pick the order in which pictures you want your pictures to be printed. With this simple and effortless photobook, you will be able to treasure your memories at a moment’s notice.

Make My Book Service

Make My Book Service is a service Shutterfly offers to its customers to create their one-of-a-kind photo book. A professional Shutterfly designer will select the best-looking photos you upload to your account and assist you in organizing and arranging your pictures to make your photo book personalized just for you. You can give your Shutterfly designer specific specifications on how you want your photo album designed and once completed you can do a final review before adding it to your cart.

In Conclusion

Let the pictures you’ve taken over the years see the light of day by including them in a personalized photo album. Allowing your pictures to be put in a customized photo album will be a great way to remember the memories you’ve once cherished before. Personalized photo albums are a great way to organize and view and embrace all the pictures you’ve taken. Photo albums make great gifts for yourself as well as gifts to your loved ones.

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