The Best Birthday Card Ideas For 2023

Celebrate that upcoming birthday in style with a custom happy birthday card from Shutterfly. Find the best birthday card ideas, cards for her, cards for him, and kids’ birthday cards galore. Look for great deals on cute, sentimental, and funny birthday cards and everything in between. Add a special photo, your friend, relative, child, or spouse’s name, and give them a one-of-a-kind card that will wow them and show them how much you love them. If you’re looking for spectacular birthday thank you cards or birthday invitations, you’ll also find them here. Get that party started right with Shutterfly.

Customized Happy Birthday Card Ideas

We have a massive selection of unique birthday card design ideas available, all of which can be customized to suit any of your friends or family. So whether looking for heartfelt birthday cards for mom, clever cards for dad, a traditional card for your grandparents, or something more vibrant and fun for your best friend, you’ll be able to find just the right greeting card design here on Shutterfly.

A custom birthday card featuring a photo of a family celebrating together and a unique sentiment

Photo Birthday Cards

Our birthday cards are completely customizable. We let you upload your own photos and add messages to your card, creating a design that is unique to you and that especially suits your card recipient. Upload your favorite photos to your Shutterfly account, select your card template, add photos and other messages, then head on over to the checkout. These cards can be bought flat or folded and also with various trim styles, including square or rounded. You’re able to customize the front, back, and everything in between. Celebrate in style with personalized photo birthday cards from Shutterfly.

Birthday Card Ideas For Her

To make that special birthday card for your girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, sister, or female friend, start with a special photo you’ve taken of her, of the two of you together, of your family or a special scene from your time together. Next, select a card template that speaks to you or that seems to suit your recipient. Whether you want something whimsical, sentimental, funny, or simply enthusiastic, and whether this is her 1st birthday or her 50th, you’ll find just the right card for that special woman or girl in your life. Many of our cards feature unique sentiments that will help you express yourself on this important day.

A cool birthday card featuring a gallery of photos of a young birthday girl

Birthday Card Ideas For Him

It’s birthday time for that important guy in your life—your boyfriend, husband, fiancée, son, brother, father, friend, or colleague—and you want to find the perfect happy birthday greeting card. Browse through our amazing selection of card design templates for just the right one. Use Shutterfly’s invitation maker to make his cards perfect for his party. Consider the photo or photos you’d like to add to your custom birthday card. If you have a single pic you’d like to use, go with a template that features a single image from edge to edge. If you have a number of shots—images collected over the years, over this past year, or a group of pics from a day on the links or on the boat—go with one of our collage templates.

Custom Birthday Invitations

Shutterfly also has plenty of custom birthday invitations available, all of which can be personalized in many different ways. Upload your photos, select your preferred style and trim, and let your friends know all the important information. If you’re throwing a party, be sure to check out all our invite designs, and also check out our lines of bunting banners, selfie frames, and yard signs—all great accessories for party throwers.

Three customized birthday invitations featuring photos and unique greetings

1st Birthday Invitations

If you’ve recently brought a little one into the world, we have a wide selection of cute birthday invitations to choose from. You’ll want to make his or her first birthday one to remember, so you may as well start by designing one of our adorable invites, any of which can be personalized with photos, messages, embellishments, and information about the event.

Kids’ Birthday Invitations

If you’re planning a party for your toddler or tween, be sure to check out our collection of kids’ birthday invitations. We have so many fabulous designs whether the party is for a girl or boy. Upload any snaps or messages you want to include, choose one of our whimsical designs, select your preferred trim, and you’re good to go with your cute birthday cards.

Sweet Sixteen Invitations

A girl’s sixteenth birthday party is one of the most important birthdays of her formative years. As such, you’ll want to invest in some quality sweet sixteen invitations or Quinceanera invitations. You can buy these invites in three different sizes. In addition, they come in various trims and designs. You can also customize your invite with photos and similar embellishments to create a unique design.

A sweet sixteen birthday card featuring a custom photo front and the birthday girl's name

Adult Birthday Invitations

Just because you’ve grown up doesn’t mean you can’t send invites for your next awesome birthday party. We have many classic, contemporary, and whimsical adult birthday invites, customizable with photos, messages, and other embellishments. So add your important information, upload your pics, then we’ll do the rest. Our design styles are great for 21st, 30th, or 80th birthday invitations.

Birthday Thank You Cards

As well as sending greetings cards for other people’s birthdays, you can also use Shutterfly to make special birthday thank you cards for any guests who came to your birthday party or took the time to buy you a gift or send you a birthday card. Upload a great photo from your birthday and leave a heartfelt message to say that your loved ones’ generosity is most appreciated.

Birthday Thank You Card Ideas For Gifts Or After Parties

If you’d like to thank friends and loved ones for attending your birthday party, giving you a gift, or sending you a card, send them one of our special birthday thank you cards. Like our birthday cards, these thank you cards can be purchased flat or folded and with various trim styles, and many feature unique sentiments to help you express your gratitude. Select a template, upload a funny or heartfelt photo of the two of you, of your family, your pet, or some special scene from your life. They’ll be delighted.

A personalized birthday thank you card featuring a photo collage of a family

Personalized Birthday Stationery

Beyond customizable birthday cards, birthday thank you cards, and birthday invitations, we have a great selection of birthday-themed stationery available. Browse our collection of birthday stickers if you are looking for cute labels to stick onto your wrapped presents. We also have handy notepads (perfect for party planning) and address labels if you’ll be sending out invites to your loved ones. As you would expect, all of our stationery can be personalized with your own messages or photos (if applicable).

Does Shutterfly Have Gender-Specific Birthday Cards?

As you explore birthday card ideas and designs, you’ll notice a filter menu on the side of the page indicating gender-specific cards. Choose from boy, girl, and neutral to find the card that best suits you and your recipient.

What Kind Of Trim Can You Choose For Your Birthday Cards?

When you shop for a card from Shutterfly, you get to choose between various trim types, all of which help create a stylish and unique birthday greeting card for dad, mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, daughter, or son. These include:

  • Regular corners
  • Rounded corners
  • Scallop corners
  • Bracket corners
  • Ticket corners

Each trim type is unique and imbues your birthday card or birthday invite with a personal touch to help it stand out from other cards.

A custom photo birthday card featuring three siblings and their dog

What Style Of Birthday Cards Are Available On Shutterfly?

At Shutterfly, we understand that everybody is different. One card may be perfect for one of your friends but entirely wrong for another. With this in mind, we offer numerous designs to cover the spectrum of possibility. For example, we let you customize all of our DIY birthday card designs with photos, sentiments, and more so you can create the perfect card for your loved one. However, we also have many designs perfect for your mood or inspiration. If you’re looking for the funniest cards, whimsical cards, or cute cards, you’ll find the best card ideas at Shutterfly’s online store.

If, on the other hand, you are ordering birthday invitations for your birthday party, you can choose between our contemporary, classic, and whimsical designs, depending on the party’s theme, whether the event is for adults or children, or any number of other criteria.

Where Can You Find the Best Shutterfly Deals On Unique Birthday Cards and Birthday Invitations?

At Shutterfly, we regularly run massive deals, discounts, and promos across our entire range of birthday cards and birthday invites. From adult birthday invites, invitations for kids’ parties, to personalized birthday greetings cards, there’s a good chance you can find great savings on every card you need. Check these pages frequently to find all the best discounts and promotions: