How To Make Fun Fact Wedding Napkins in 2024

With your wedding ceremony and reception approaching, you’re no doubt thinking of ways to make the celebration memorable and unique through special, personalized touches. One small detail with the potential for an outsized impact is the addition of fun fact wedding napkins. These napkins serve a practical purpose beneath wine and champagne glasses at your reception, but they’re also ways to engage your guests with cute, compelling facts about your couple, including where you met, details about your first date, insight about your relationship, and more. Along with personalized wedding programs, wedding menus, place cards, and guestbooks, these napkins lend your wedding distinction, delight, and charm. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of making fun fact wedding napkins, from choosing a template to personalizing the text and look. Read on for more info.

Step 1: Gather fun facts

It’s only fitting that the first task in creating fun fact cocktail napkins is the most fun. Start by scribbling down interesting tidbits about your couple or either of you individually. These facts can range from hobbies or interests, funny anecdotes, details about your first date or the proposal, or the location of your honeymoon. In then end, it’s your fun fact napkin, and you get to decide what to put in it. Remember that your guests—close friends and family—will surely know significant parts of your story. With this in mind, consider a mix of relatively well-known facts and one or two that might surprise people. Above all, make them fun.

Playful fun fact wedding napkin example with personalized text

Step 2: Choose a napkin template

Look through our gorgeous assortment of wedding napkins for a design template that speaks to you. One great option is our Cherished Chapters Napkins design—readymade for fun facts about the bride and groom. The fun facts in this template are arranged by number—an easy way to organize different types of facts, from anecdotes to experiences to astrology info. For a particularly elegant option, use our Fascinating Story Napkins template with its flowing, narrative style and that allows you to make multiple versions of your fun fact napkins (Fun Fact No. 1, No. 2, and so forth). These are sure-fired conversation starters amongst your guests as to which fun fact anyone else has at their table setting.

Pink fun fact wedding napkin template with custom text

Step 3: Personalize your design

The next and final step is to customize your napkin to you and your couple. You can begin by selecting the napkin color and design color from the product page and when you click Personalize, you’ll be prompted for some basic info, including the name of the bride and groom and your event date. Paste in your fun facts (from Step 1, above) and select your favorite font, a font size, and the text alignment ideal for your napkin. If you’re going with the Fascinating Story Napkins template (mentioned above), alter the version number of your napkins to reflect which fun fact napkin version you’re creating. After all, you might want four or five. Consider, as well, adding your wedding hashtag to the napkin to ensure that your guests know where to post photos of the ceremony and reception.

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