The Best 10-Year Anniversary Gifts

The 10th wedding anniversary is one of the most significant anniversaries, and it’s cause for celebration. A 10th-anniversary gift is a great way to show your spouse how much your wedding date means to you. So, to help you celebrate this monumental day, we’ve put this guide to 10-year anniversary gifts. We specialize in personalized gifts, and our extensive collection of custom keepsakes is perfect for celebrating a wedding anniversary. Browse traditional gifts like jewelry, or find a modern gifts like photo albums, canvas photo prints, or custom blanket printed with a photo gallery.

Celebrate your decade of love with the best 10-year anniversary gifts from Shutterfly. Designing your own custom anniversary gifts is a perfect way to show your partner how much they mean to you. Highlight all of your most cherished memories in custom photo gifts made just for your spouse.

10th Anniversary Jewelry Gifts to Celebrate Your Love

Make your anniversary dinner memorable by surprising your partner with custom jewelry. A 10th anniversary gift like a personalized locket necklace or charm bracelet can make the night’s memories last. First, select a jewelry style that will make the perfect gift for your spouse. Then, personalize your jewelry with photos from your wedding day or honeymoon. Next, choose from precious metals like rose gold, gold, and sterling silver for an extra special gift. Whether you’re looking for something simple and understated or luxurious and bold, we have design and customization options to fit your unique tastes. You’re sure to pick a 10-year anniversary gift that your partner will adore.


10th anniversary gifts photo locket engraved necklace

Treat Your Spouse to Romantic 10th Anniversary Gifts

Your 10th anniversary is a celebration of you and your partner’s time together. With our great photo gifts, your anniversary gift can reflect the many memories together. A photo book can highlight your favorite memories for each year of marriage or tell you and your partner’s love story through the pictures you select. Take a trip down memory lane by creating an album of precious memories from anniversaries past with Shutterfly. Your photo book can feature gold embellishments, complementary colors, and, most importantly, the two of you. A photo book is a perfect gift for the partner who loves to reflect on their happiest days or the person whose greatest joys are their family, friends, and loved ones. With easy customization tools, you can turn a beautiful photo book into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that only you could’ve created.

Custom photo book documenting photos of a couple

Showcase Your Love Story With Custom Wall Art

Custom prints, canvas wall art, and custom wallpaper make for excellent 10-year anniversary gift ideas. Suppose you’re looking for something that catches the eye or adds an extra touch of love and warmth to an otherwise empty wall. In that case, Shutterfly has wall art and custom canvas print design tools that help you unleash your inner artist. Select a meaningful photo from your wedding day or fifth anniversary and transform it into a piece of art. Then, create the perfect gift for your spouse with Shutterfly’s collection of laser-engraved glass frames and gallery-style canvas prints.

wall art for 10th anniversary photo prints framed photos wallpaper

Personalized Drinkware is the Best 10 Year Anniversary Gift

When picking out a 10th-anniversary present, consider something that matches your partner’s interests. Do you and your partner enjoy sipping fine wines? Perhaps your spouse loves a bold, hearty craft cocktail paired with a sumptuous meal. Maybe you’re even looking for a custom flask with your loved ones’ initials and favorite sayings. Whether you’re anticipating a wedding anniversary or highlighting a decade of laughter and love, we have modern options to suit any style. Celebrate being made for each other with custom glassware made for you. Pop open a bottle with a personalized bottle opener engraved with your last name at this year’s anniversary dinner—cheers to 10 years with custom wine glasses embellished with your wedding date. Customizing your barware puts a modern twist on a traditional gift, with personalized gifts from Shutterfly.

glassware drinkware pint glass pilsner wine

Personalized 10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

A decade with the person you love is truly something to celebrate with an excellent ten-year anniversary gift. By your 10th wedding anniversary or a decade of partnership with your significant other, you could have watched a tiny seed grow into a fruitful tree together. Whether you’re celebrating a decade of matrimony or ten beautiful years of commitment, Shutterfly has plenty of options. We can design presents to fit your unique interests, from traditional 10-year anniversary gifts with custom options to much more. It can sometimes be challenging to decide on a gift for such an important milestone. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an artist to create something beautiful with our intuitive design tools. Diamond jewelry, for example, can be stunning. Still, a one-of-a-kind necklace or bracelet that you had hand-crafted for your spouse can be more meaningful.

10th anniversary wedding socks custom

Unique 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

What if you want a 10-year anniversary gift that’s unconventional, quirky, or unique? Or better yet, what if the gift is one that you could design yourself? Suppose you’re looking for memorable gifts for your spouse or partner on your 10th anniversary. In that case, you may be wondering where to start. Shutterfly has an extensive collection of anniversary gifts to choose from to design as much or as little as you want. In addition, you can add cute messages, inside jokes, or favorite quotes that will make your partner smile. So whether you’re building a photo collage for a pair of custom socks with photos or getting a few personalized gifts for a homemade gift set, we have many options to help.

10th anniversary gift ideas a photo plate showing a multi-racial couple and their five children

Custom Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you need 10-year anniversary gift inspiration, look to your plans for guidance. For example, if you plan on staying home and making anniversary dinner together, browse Shutterfly’s commemorative plates to keep on theme. You can pick out apparel, mugs, drinkware, jewelry, and more. Then, you can personalize it, so it leaves a memorable impression upon your giftee. When it comes to giving gifts, it is the thought that counts. Matching your anniversary gift to your anniversary plans is an excellent way to show that you put a lot of thought into the date.

Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Put your special memories front and center with a 10th-anniversary gift your partner is bound to love. With customizable photo gifts, it’s never been easier to compile a heartwarming photo book or select a modern frame with a special message or your family name. A classic photo frame or wedding album is a sweet reminder of the happy times. Also, Shutterfly specializes in turning fleeting memories into printed art you and your loved one can revisit anytime the nostalgia hits. Of course, one of the best anniversary gifts for celebrating this milestone and every other one that has passed a photo book. It’s an excellent option for any couple.