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Bridal Shower Brunch Invitations for a Fabulous Midday Bash

You’re planning a bridal shower brunch, the perfect midday bash for the BFF who’s stood by your side through thick and thin.

Why a brunch? This late morning meal combines the best of breakfast and lunch, lending itself to nearly any theme or style party, and perhaps the most exciting part, there’s room for cocktails on the menu.

A wedding shower brunch might also be appropriate for the bride-to-be who appreciates a more intimate gathering, says wedding planner Christine Zohrabians of Fancy That Events.

brunch pastries with flowers

Open to nearly any theme, style and formality, a bridal shower brunch is a fun and intimate setting to shower the bride-to-be with love and gifts.

“It’s perfect for the woman who loves the concept of an intimate and personal gathering while also being surrounded by food and laughter.”

Inviting your bestie’s closest friends and family members to a bridal shower brunch can be fun and exciting with the right invitations.

Get tips on how to pick the best venue for the party, a showcase of five beautiful stationery templates and a primer on bridal shower brunch invitation wording.

Bridal Shower Brunch Venues

A brunch can be held at nearly any type of venue. How to pick the best spot? Select a venue that reflects your bestie’s style as well as the formality of the event.

bright brunch table setting

To plan the perfect brunch wedding shower for your bestie, pick a venue for the brunch that fits the theme or style of the party as well as the formality of the event.

If she’s simple and laid-back, she’ll love a potluck-style brunch at your home or mother’s house. If she’s an uptown gal, the latest rooftop restaurant is the backdrop for a classy affair. If you’re planning a large event, consider a hotel or restaurant that will accommodate your guest list and budget.

Whether you’re planning a champagne brunch at her favorite restaurant or a cozy buffet at home, the key is to translate the style and formality of the event into your invitations.

Bridal Shower Brunch Invitations Showcase

What’s so brunchy about bridal shower brunch invitations? The time.

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A typical brunch is held between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm. If the shower is at a restaurant or an upscale venue, the invitation might also include an end time. Including the start time on the invitation will tell your guests that they’re invited to a special brunch in honor of the bride-to-be.

brunch bridal shower invitation

A proper brunch bridal shower invitation features the time of the party, usually 11 am to 2 pm, as well as important party details such as the date, venue and theme. Including the theme or style of the party in the invitation design lets guests know the formality of the event and how to dress for the party.

Besides the time of the party, bridal brunch invitations are nearly identical to traditional wedding shower invitations. See our complete bridal shower invitations wording and etiquette guide for a detailed look at what to include in your invitations, along with a timeline on when to send them out.

With the perfect wedding shower invitations, guests will be clear on not only when and where the party will be, but also what to bring (think: registry information) and how to dress (clues from theme and venue).

“Make sure to address the theme if you want guests to come dressed appropriately and ready to have a good time,” says Christine.

What are some common and fun bridal shower themes? Christine’s favorite is the tea party theme.

“A tea party has always been classic and popular,” she says. “A hat theme is always fun. A kitchen theme is also a little playful and fun!”

Along with the theme, bridal brunch invitations can also include custom touches, such as unique color palettes, images and photographs.

As you consider the style or theme you want for the bridal shower, glean inspiration from lovely bridal shower brunch invitations created by today’s latest stationery designers. Here, five gorgeous wedding shower invitations you can start customizing now.

bridal shower brunch invitation with champagne glass

If you’re throwing a bridal shower brunch with cocktails, this contemporary stationery featuring a champagne glass is a fun way to invite your guests to the party and let them know that drinks will be on the menu.

Pop the Bubbly

If you’re throwing a bridal shower brunch with cocktails, this colorful invitation designed by Stacy Claire Boyd will get the right message across. Excite guests with Pop the Bubbly, a fun and modern bridal stationery featuring a chalkboard background, loose contemporary script and a champagne glass that says it’s party time. With the option to add unique text and your choice of trim, customizing this template to fit your party needs is a snap.

Order Pop the Bubbly for your champagne bridal shower today.


photo bridal shower invitation

For the sophisticated bride-to-be, Modern Vines is an elegant bridal shower invitation that’s ideal for a semi-formal restaurant party or rooftop celebration.

Modern Vines

When it comes to brunch, your sophisticated bestie is always at the hottest rooftop restaurants. Naturally, her bridal shower will be, too. Invite guests to her elegant wedding shower brunch with Modern Vines, a chic photo invitation featuring a brown background, lovely swirls and a frame that allows you to upload a photograph of the bride-to-be. This stationery is also ideal for city brunches and semi-formal brunches.

Simple yet classy, just like your bestie. Personalize Modern Vines for your best friend’s bridal shower.




polka dot bridal shower stationery

With sparkly gold polka dots and contemporary script, Brilliant Dots is the perfect brunch bridal shower invitation for the entertainer, dancer or bright character who is your bestie.

Brilliant Dots

Maybe she’s a dancer, a yoga instructor or a passionate artist or musician? Fun and flirty, Brilliant Dots is a contemporary bridal shower invitation for the energetic bride-to-be who lives her passions and dreams. Designed by Yours Truly, this polka doted stationery dazzles with character and has room for unique touches, such as the ability to pick a custom color palette and to add party details.

Personalize Brilliant Dots for your casual to semi-formal wedding shower brunch.



blue and gold photo bridal shower invitation

Add a custom touch to a bridal shower invittion with a picture of the bride-to-be. Sparkling Bride allows you to feature the bride along with details of the event to create a memorable invitation to the midday bash.

Sparkling Bride

Your bestie is the center of attention with this photo bridal brunch invitation designed by Stacy Claire Boyd. In a royal blue background, the invitation features the word Bridal in a lovely pink, glittery gold and white color palette. With the ability to upload a custom photo and add unique text, Sparkling Bride is a great choice for a midday wedding shower at home or her favorite restaurant.

Customize Sparkling Bride with a unique photo of the bride-to-be.


bridal shower invitation featuring a photo of a couple

With yellow hearts and a contemporary design, Hearts of Gold is the perfect wedding shower invitation for a couple’s brunch, allowing you to pick a lovely image of the couple as the main invitation.

Hearts of Gold

Planning a couple’s bridal shower brunch? Hearts of Gold is a great choice for a couple’s shower, allowing you to add a favorite photograph of the perfect duo along with information about the event. Vanilla Print designed this stationery with tiny yellow hearts and loose lovely script. Hearts of Gold can be used to invite guests to a formal shower at the country club, hotel or party venue.

Start customizing Hearts of Gold for your special couple’s wedding shower today.



Personalized Brunch Bridal Shower Invitations

She’s going to love the brunch in her honor. She’ll also cherish the personalized invitations you’ve created using one of the many customizable Shutterfly bridal shower brunch invitations. If you enjoyed the showcase above, you’ll love exploring the rest of our bridal shower invitations, organized by theme and style.