Unique Holiday Card Ideas and Themes for Everyone

Choosing the right holiday card for the upcoming season can be a fun and heartfelt activity. There are many options to choose from when it comes to finding the right holiday card theme for the festive season. However, the best theme for your beautiful holiday cards should be one that feels personalized and unique to your family. Whether you’re looking for a shiny and bold card or a traditional holiday design, we’re here to make all of your holiday card wishes come true.

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Creative Holiday Card Ideas

If you’re a bit unsure of which holiday card idea works best for you, always remember to use your real life and the loved ones around you as inspiration. Creating the perfect holiday card starts with reflecting on any milestones prior in the year, a new member of the family, or even your adorable puppy. Once you decide who you want in your holiday photo and how you want to be photographed, your holiday card idea will become reality.

Family photo: Keep tradition alive by sending a holiday card to your loved ones with an updated photo of your family. This is a timeless holiday card idea that gives card recipients a chance to see how your family has grown. Make your family holiday card interesting by having family members coordinate their outfits by color or theme (i.e. ugly sweater).

Couples: If you’re engaged or in a committed relationship, send family and friends a charming holiday card of you and your partner. You can even go as far as choosing a fun theme such as Mr. and Mrs. Claus or opt for something more daring like matching leather jackets and sunglasses.

Pet Holiday Cards: Make your pet the center of attention by sending a humorous and cute pet card. You can get crafty with a lighthearted holiday display for your pet photo such as a Santa hat or elf ears, a Christmas tree with dog bones and bows, or a Christmas light set-up. Pet holiday card ideas bring a smile to just about any face during the cheerful season.

Holiday Birth Announcements: If you have extra photos from your birth announcements or haven’t sent photos of your baby boy or girl, use the holiday season to show off the newest addition to the family. You can dress your newborn in an adorable holiday outfit to spread love and holiday cheer. Recipients will value your baby’s card as a keepsake.

Use a wedding photo: Just married? If so, the holiday season is the perfect time to send a card that includes a beloved wedding photo. Love is always in the air with this romantic and merry idea. Those who were unable to attend your wedding but are on your holiday card list will enjoy this gesture the most.

Travel: If you’ve traveled recently, use a cherished photo that you took for your holiday card! You can customize your holiday card with a photo of yourself or your family on vacation. You can also opt to send a scenic photo you may have taken while traveling.

New Address: If you’ve moved recently, holiday cards are the perfect time to announce your new address! Share your news by taking a photograph with your loved ones in your new living room or family room. You can personalize your sentiments with holiday card sayings such as “We have a new nest!”, “Happy Holidays from our new home”, or “Home Sweet Home!”

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If you’re looking for more suggestions for your holiday cards, we also have 100 Christmas Photo Ideas to help you narrow down your decision. Since you’re putting plenty of love into your holiday cards this year, make them count with a special memory or announcement from the heart. To add a little something special to your holiday or christmas card, think about adding one of these christmas messages.

Holiday Card Themes

Once you’ve chosen a holiday card idea, you can search for the perfect holiday card theme to pair with your concept. Shutterfly offers a wide variety of custom holiday cards from modern and bold to traditional and simple. Your holiday card theme should express your warm sentiments without overpowering your wonderful photo. Your loved ones will be displaying these cards around their home, whether on the fridge or a Christmas card holderso you’ll want to put some thought into your card theme.  Explore these themes below to find a style that works best for you.

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Traditional Holiday Cards: Keep things simple this year with a traditional holiday card design. Your theme should have a festive red and green color scheme, complemented by classic Christmas symbols and patterns.

Bright and Merry: Opt out of festive colors this year and choose an unexpected holiday card design that uses non-traditional holiday colors. Instead of holiday-oriented fonts, choose a card with a bold and contemporary font to make your happy holiday cards standout further. Choose colors that pop such as pink, orange, and yellow to transform your card.

Modern: Send your loved ones a modern holiday card this time around if you want to switch up holiday tradition. Modern holiday cards are often sophisticated and chic in design, usually characterized by colors such as gold, beige, black, red, or white. Contemporary cards are usually clean-cut in style with a bit of holiday charm such as foil stamped lettering or calligraphy.

Sparkle and Shine: Going for a glam look this year? Let your holiday cards match your love for sparkle and shine with cards that feel and look elegant from top to bottom. You can choose a card theme that uses gold glitter or go with a foil stamped holiday card that features a holiday greeting in large letters such as “Happy Holidays!” or “Be Merry”.

Simple Holiday Cards: Let your family photos do the talking with a simple holiday card that speaks to the minimalist in you. This theme is ideal if you enjoy understated and neutral colors, simple lines, and minimal decorations.

Winter Inspired Holiday Cards: Prepare for snowflakes, frost, and stars with this holiday card theme. If you love Winter-inspired colors and all things cold weather during your favorite season, this theme is right for you. You can choose a card that has beautiful shades of white, blue, or silver, along with a Winter Wonderland inspired pattern or graphic.

Wreath Holiday Cards: A wreath holiday card theme works effortlessly for you if you love holiday greenery and winter plants. Wreaths are beautiful symbols of the holiday season and a decorative wreath drawing or graphic can give your card a warm feel.

Religious Holiday Cards: If you’re religious, you can look for a holiday card with a religious Christmas or holiday saying that encompasses your joy. Cards with crosses, bible verses, and short religious greetings will elevate your holiday card and brighten up the recipient’s day.

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You can avoid stress this holiday season by choosing your holiday card theme in advance. When it comes to holiday card etiquette, be sure to use our guide on when to send a holiday card to help you along the way. If you stay true to personalized ideas and themes that capture your holiday cheer, you can make this year’s holiday card your best one yet!