29 Fresh Gift Ideas For New Homeowners

The papers are signed and the keys are in-hand — your friends are new homeowners! This exciting transition deserves some celebration and a thoughtful DIY gift. Transitioning to a new space takes time to re-style and settle in before it feels like a true home.

This collection of 29 DIY and personalized housewarming gifts has something for every style, budget, and level of crafting savvy. New home gifts are great in all rooms of the house — from homemade spice racks and tea towels to painted throw pillows and cozy photo blankets. We’ve rounded up the freshest gifts for new homeowners that remind them of your support during this thrilling time.

1. Family Coffee Tumblers

gifts for new homeowners family coffee tumblers

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Keep your friends or family nice and caffeinated as they run around setting up their new home. Add photos, phrases, and names to these personalized stainless steel mugs, available in a range of styles and layouts.

2. Message Dinner Plates

gifts for new homeowners dinner plates

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Pick the playful message of your choice for a set of new and custom dinner plates, great as a new home gift idea. Match the color of the plates to their kitchen design scheme and coordinate with a collection of personalized dishware.

3. Wine Bottle Wishes

The best housewarming gifts help you celebrate at the same time! Use black, iron-on vinyl with your cricut machine to add wine-inspired messages for your host. The bags are reusable for every time your friends head to a party of their own.

4. Morning Cereal Mug

gifts for new homeowners cereal mug

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Buy a set of oversize, personalized mugs for the whole family with a new home. Add a name and design perfect for each person. These giant mugs are great for everything from a hearty cup of coffee to cereal or ice cream.

5. Bath Time Tea Bags

Moving can be stressful. Help your friends rewind by creating relaxing bath salt sachets. A bit like steeping in a mug of calming tea, each sachet includes bath salts, fresh herbs and oatmeal. This also makes a creative tea gift to package in a set with actual tea bags, mugs and cozies.

6. Personalized Photo Easel

gifts for new homeowners photo easel

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Spruce up a new bookshelf in their home as a unique housewarming gift idea. Add a custom ceramic tile, motivational phrase or family photo onto a wrought-iron easel. It’s easy to switch out whatever they want to set in the frame, including decorative plates or handmade art.

7. Fencepost Photo Display

Cut a slice in the top of a fencepost-inspired piece of wood for easy photo display. Create a set of three posts in varying heights and include prints of their favorite family photos. These versatile photo displays work on mantles, dining room tables or on bookshelves.

8. Frayed Edges Cloth Napkins

gifts for new homeowners cloth napkins

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Without sewing a stitch, give a full set of cloth napkins with rustic, frayed edges as a housewarming gift. Natural linen works best to get the evenly frayed edges. Mix and match colors for a spring, fall or summery look.

9. Journal of Blooms

gifts for new homeowners journal of blooms

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Moving and setting up a new house requires organization. Customize a journal or planner as a gift for new homeowners, adding spring blooms for a bright and colorful look. Include a custom bookmark to match.

10. Handmade Wood Bookends

Bookshelves are often the focal point of a room, especially in a new home finding its style. Glue three sizes of wood into a triangle and paint the edges in black for a modern appearance. Package the gift with new novels to add to their collection.

11. Photo Beer Stein

gifts for new homeowners photo beer stein

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Cheers to a new home! If you’re searching for the best gift for beer lovers, add a series of photos to these personalized beer steins. The frosted glass and sturdy handle make this both a decorative and practical piece to have in a new house.

12. Hand-Stamped Keychains

New house keys deserve a new key chain! Use a home-stamping kit to add personalized messages to small pieces of leather attached to a key ring. Write welcoming notes or the names of different doors that need opening.

13. Monogrammed Glassware

gifts for new homeowners monogrammed glassware

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Upgrade their collection of wine glasses and mason jars by etching their names, monograms or even the date of buying their new home on the front of each glass. Pair your gift set with a bottle of wine or local craft beer.

14. DIY Hanging Planter

gifts for new homeowners hanging planter

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Hanging plants give height to a room, perfect for adding instant style to a new home. Paint a square of wood with a metallic hue and place a hand-designed planter into the base. Include strong twine to hang throughout the house with ease.

15. Housewarming Terrarium

A go-to gift for plant lovers, fill the bottom of a repurposed glass jar with stones and soil for proper drainage and add a succulent at the top. Wrap the jar with a big ribbon and a “welcome to your new home” note.

16. Indoor-Outdoor Blankets

gifts for new homeowners indoor outdoor blankets

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Great for setting up a picnic or barbecue in the backyard, these customizable fleece blankets can head outside or stay indoors for a cozy afternoon. Consider adding photos and names to the blanket or match the pattern to the style of their new home.

17. DIY Modern Spice Rack

Looking for a practical gift for new homeowners in your life? A simple wooden spice rack saves space in the kitchen while keeping all their cooking needs organized. Include matching bottles with handmade labels and a collection of colorful herbs and spices.

18. Garden Of Coasters

gifts for new homeowners garden of coasters

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Support your glass of rosé with a colorful coaster design. These floral coasters add vibrancy to a new home. Pair with a personalized glass and a bottle of their favorite bubbly to celebrate the new space.

19. His And Hers Pencil Holders

Add a playful touch to your friends’ new home office with mini-face pencil holders and desk organizers. Connect six pieces of pine wood and add a hand-designed man and woman’s face around the wooden nose.

20. Photo Collage Puzzle

gifts for new homeowners photo collage puzzle

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Personalize game night at your friend’s new home by bringing over a hand-designed photo collage puzzle. Include images of their family or photos from your years as friends. Add a personalized message or name as well.

21. Checkered Rosemary Soap

Ideal for a country-themed kitchen or bathroom, design flannel-inspired, checkered-print soap infused with rosemary oil. Package it up with other homemade scented housewarming gifts like sprays, diffusers and candles.

22. Rope Leather And Brass Keychain

Two hues of leather combine with a large brass clip to create this modern and stylish key chain. Your friends can keep their brand-new house keys safe and organized with your handmade gift. Add an old-fashioned gold skeleton key as an extra accessory.

23. Ready-For-Planting Herb Garden

Get your new-home-owning friends all ready for planting season with everything they need for an herb garden. Include seeds, planting stakes and a handmade tray for carrying everything out into the yard.

24. Homemade Beeswax Candles

Make these trendy natural, custom candles right from home as a great housewarming gift. Use a hairdryer to gently soften the sheets of beeswax and roll around a candle wick. Wrap up two handmade candles with twine and a sprig of evergreen.

25. Pink Striped Pillow Cover

Use a dry-brush effect with a small paint roller to add a pop of color to your friends’ brand new home. Give four quick passes with the roller over a white throw pillow cover and gift with or without the pillow filling.

26. Rolling Shopping List Pad

This inventive DIY allows you to make notes for each other and rip off exactly what you need before heading to the store. Attach a roll of paper with wire brackets to a sturdy piece of pine and clamp down the end of the paper with a separate brace.

27. Wreath Of Spring

Every new home benefits from a bit of color. Construct a bouquet of paper flowers and attach them to a circle of floral wire with hot glue. Include leaves and floral details like stamens and stems for a more realistic and colorful look.

28. Minimalist Coasters

Gift a sleek and modern DIY gift by crafting hexagonal coasters from easy-to-cut hobby boards. Add white paint to half of each coaster or mix and match colors for a more vibrant design. Pair with a hand-designed mug and a pound of coffee beans as a thank you gift set.

29. Spruce Up The Home Sprays

Add a warm aroma to each room with all-natural essential oil sprays. Create a collection of four bottles mixed with distilled water and the oils of your choice. Label and package together as an easy yet effective housewarming gift.

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