Fun Pet Parent Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day that can be celebrated for mothers of all types, no matter if they’re mothers of biological kids or mothers to furry animals; they are all appreciated this Mother’s Day. Make this Mother’s Day extra special with creating a personalized gift that any mom would love to receive. These gifts are especially great for mothers who are obsessed with their furry four legged kids and have numerous pictures and memories to show for it. Any pet mom would love to receive these fun pet designed gifts this Mother’s Day. Also check out our Mother’s Day gift guide for more inspiration on what Mother’s Day gifts your mom will love to receive this year.

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Explore our personalized gift options for fun pet parent gifts for Mother’s Day with Shutterfly’s wide range of amazing products. All of Shutterfly’s products are fully customizable to make each product one-of-a-kind for each mom. Create fun pet gifts for mom with these pet themed designs that every mom would love to use. Explore all Shutterfly’s customized products for both Mother’s Day and gifts for pet lovers to make this the best Mother’s Day ever.

Personalized Photo Books

A great way to honor your mom this Mother’s Day is to create a personalized photo book with all her favorite memories. Include memories of the whole family, including your pets with a festive pet lovers photo book template. This template offers a festive design of hearts and paws images on the cover with the title reading “Fur Love”; additionally there is a message of “Love starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail”. Personalized photo books with a pet theme are the perfect way to combine all your mom’s favorite pictures and her love for pets together in an easy to look at photo book.

pet lover photo book with images of family and dogs

Personalized Cloth Face Masks

Keep your mom safe with personalized cloth face masks with an image of her favorite pet. Designed to cover both your mom’s mouth and nose, this double layer cloth face mask is perfect for times where she is in a public setting where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. These cloth face masks are designed to fit comfortably against your mom’s face and her ears. Making a personalized cloth face mask is a unique way of showcasing your mom’s favorite pet images for everyone to see.

Custom Pillows

Perfect for when your mom wants to snuggle in bed or when she’s watching tv on the couch, this custom pillow is the ultimate sense of relaxation and comfort. Customize this pillow cushion to feature a picture of your mom along with her furry friends, utilizing this will allow your mom to always see her favorite moments each time she uses her custom pillow. Custom pillows are both sentimental gifts as well as practical gifts, making them the best gift to give this Mother’s Day.

best in show gride collage dog bed in green with dog name

Personalized Keychains

The perfect accessory to any busy mom is personalized keychains that keep all her keys in one place. Sometimes life can get the best of us and we lose important things like our wallet and keys, but this personalized keychain will keep her keys all in one place with an image of her favorite image so she can admire it each time she uses it. Add her most cherished photos with your mom and her pets for a one of a kind Mother’s Day gift she will just every day.

Metal Custom Magnets

Beautifully displayed on kitchen refrigerators, metal filing cabinets, or whiteboards; metal custom magnets are a great way to add a touch of personalization and color to boring metal fixtures. Personalize this metal custom magnet by using different colors and layouts to make it extra special for your mom. With different shapes and sizes to choose from, each metal custom magnet you create will be different from the last. Remind your mom of her most treasured moments with a metal custom magnet gift this Mother’s Day.

fur baby love metal magnet in hexagon shape

Fleece Photo Blankets

Perfect to use as a picnic blanket during a spring picnic or to keep warm during the cold fall and winter months, fleece photo blankets make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Utilize different templates and include different colors to make these fleece photo blankets one of a kind for your mom. Add a variety of images your mom will enjoy looking at while she uses this blanket, for example, add solo images of her pets and couple of images with her alongside her pet for a more personalized look. Each time your mom uses this fleece photo blanket, she will be reminded of the amazing gift she received from you this Mother’s Day.

Personalized Water Bottles

Gallery of three stinless steel water bottle with dog featured

With all that moms do, it’s tough to do all the amazing things she does and stay properly hydrated throughout the day. Remind your mom to stay hydrated while she does her everyday tasks. Perfect as a water bottle for her to bring on walks with her pets, when she goes to the gym or when she goes to work, she will be surrounded by memories of her favorite moments. Add different designs such as paw prints and hearts to know that her furry family members took part in creating her personalized water bottle.

Tabletop Canvas Prints

Perfect for displaying on your mom’s office desk or somewhere in her home, these cute and unique prints are a great way to add beauty to any space all the while showcasing your fondest movies. Whether you add a photo of her and the family dog or just a single image of her pets, she will love seeing this custom tabletop canvas print set on a beautiful easel. These table top canvas prints add an artistic flair to any decor and the matte black wooden easel makes it easy to display beautiful memories. Your mom will be thankful for the beautiful gift and will be reminded of the amazing gift she received this Mother’s Day holiday.

Personalized Cotton Tote Bags

Mom loves the convenience of cotton tote bags for their everyday use; she will find uses for it while she’s shopping at the local farmers market, when she’s packing for a day picnic trip, and when she goes traveling out of the city. This attention grabbing personalized cotton tote bag can include a variety of designs and images to make each cotton tote bag different from the rest. For moms who are pet lovers, you can use a design that highlights her love for pets with a cotton tote template that says “Best Dog ever” with an image of her and her pet. Every time she uses this tote she will receive tons of compliments on how cute her dog is and how unique her cotton tote bag is.

Best in show best dog ever cotton tote bag with picture

Personalized Wine Glass

Create your mom’s newest favorite wine glass with a personalized etched stemless wine glass. Personalized wine glasses can include an etched design or have images printed on the outside of the glass. For moms who love her pets as much as she loves her wine, you can choose festive etched messages that will highlight her love for her pets. Use wine glass templates that have dog paw embellishments with the message “It’s not drinking alone if the dog is home” or “Paws off” with an image of a cat doing a stretch to create your personalized wine glass. Any mom would love this sentimental gift and will use this personalized wine glass for years to come.

Closing Thoughts On Mother’s Day Gifts

Celebrate all the moms in your like the best Mother’s Day gift she will receive this year. No matter what personalized gift you give your mom this year, she will love the sentimental thought and appreciation for you and your wonderful gift. Be sure to include her favorite images of her alongside her human kids and her furry kids for an extra special Mother’s Day gift.

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