The No-Fail Guide To Best Man Gift Ideas

Your best man has always been right there by your side—long before the wedding was even on the horizon. His large role in your life is the reason you chose him to be your right-hand man in the first place. Buying a gift for your best man is an opportunity to truly show how much your unique relationship contributes to your life. This once-in-a-lifetime event is a chance to remind him that you’ll continue to stand by each other’s sides as life heads into this next phase.

Of all people, he’ll notice when you take the time to pick out a gift that’s just for him. So, consider these tips when choosing the most personal of best man presents.

Why Buying a Gift for Your Best Man Is so Important

For the past several months of rigorous best man duties, he’s rallied your friends together, arranged a bachelor party, acted as the point person for travel plans, and will now even keep your wedding rings safe during the ceremony. Most importantly, he’s been there to provide emotional support from day one. Now’s the time to show your thanks for everything he’s done.

On a day that is rightfully focused on you and your bride, take a moment before the wedding to focus on your best man. Weddings are also a time to set time aside for those that make a difference in your life. It’s also a chance to look back on amazing memories and note that his role in your life has been invaluable.

Personalizing Your Best Man Gift

There’s hardly anyone on this earth that knows you better than your best man. Whichever gift you choose, make it a reminder of how well you know him after all this time.

Personalization achieves this well. Consider monogramming a practical item he’ll use forever, such as a photo-filled coffee mug or tumbler for him to carry to work every day.  If your best man is an avid chef, personalize a quality wood or marble cutting board, perfect for classing up the kitchen and making his food prep even easier. You may also choose a gift that helps you celebrate together, setting a date after the wedding to catch up now that all the plans have died down. Most importantly, show off the personal effort you’ve put toward his gift.

A Few Do’s and Don’ts for Best Man Gifts Ideas

Do give yourself time

Last-minute gift shopping never goes well. Especially when it comes to weddings—when the final moments are so packed with wedding-related tasks—you don’t want to rush through such an important decision. Personalized gifts often require more time to consider and order. Be sure to take your wedding travel time into account when planning delivery date as well.

Do include a card

Even if you’ve rarely exchanged a sentimental word, now’s the time to express how much he means to you. With each gift, however personalized, be sure to include a card with a personal note. Weddings are a time to pause and say exactly what you’ve always wanted to say.

Don’t wait until the wedding is over

The moment a wedding has passed, life picks up its natural rhythm again. Saving gifts until after the wedding is over will only cut into your decompression time and confuse your groomsmen. Also, in the height of the emotional day, a gift is the perfect thing to surprise your guys.

Do consider his tastes

Personalized gift options offer such a wide range of selection that sometimes, it can be difficult to choose. Remember, you know your best man more than most people in your circle. If you’re feeling lost, consider his personality, sense of humor, hobbies, and lifestyle before perusing the list of possible gift ideas for a wedding.

Don’t blow your budget

The amount of money spent on a gift never aligns with how much you care for someone. If pre-wedding spending is tight, have no guilt about finding something simple. Adding personalization will help immensely in this situation, as this thoughtful touch will supersede something expensive and flashy.

Do consider balance with groomsmen

On the topic of budget, also keep your other wedding party members in mind. Especially when gifting your groomsmen at the same time, consider finding some sort of balance between the best man and your other favorite guys. They’ve also stood by your side throughout this process, each playing a unique role in your life. Try to keep things fair and remain conscious of balance.

Personalized Groomsmen Gift Ideas

1. Growler

The craft beer scene is taking off. Celebrate making it to the big day by gifting your best man a monogrammed growler. Its seal will keep his favorite beer fresh and flavorful throughout the day, whether he’s more of a stout or IPA kind of guy.

2. Flask

This classic best man gift gets even better when you add his name, monogram or a favorite quote. He’ll keep this flask close throughout the weekend when the group feels the need for an impromptu toast. Choose from three different classy, metallic varieties.

3. Playing Cards

Once the wedding ends, it’s time to set up those weekly poker tournaments again. What’s a better way to remind him of your thanks than a personalized deck for the game? Pair it with a set of poker chips or other related accessories perfect for your group night of cards and catching up.

4. Photo Collage

Explore this modern alternative to framed photos by turning a photo collage into metal wall art. Range photos from your childhood through the days leading up to the wedding. Available in a variety of sizes, the ChromaLuxe material is safe for both indoors and out.

5. Beer Stein

Pour a tall, cold beer together after gifting him with this frosted, personalized beer stein. Cover the stein with all your favorite photos or have the glass etched with his initials. Make sure to order two so you have a matching set!

6. Gourmet Coffee

If your best man is constantly traveling and on the go, add a personalized touch to his very important portable charger. This unique face plate can include a personally designed label, his monogram, or a photograph. Gift this before the bachelor party if you’re all flying out of town for the journey.

Choosing a gift for your best man is an opportunity to truly thank him for all his hard work. Being a best man is no easy task, he’s there to make every moment of the wedding prep process a celebration. Show your true appreciation by picking out the most personal gift for your best guy, and celebrate all he’s done to make this day incredible.