How to Make Your Own DIY Wedding Decorations

When planning your wedding ceremony and wedding reception, DIY wedding decorations are a great way to add your personal touch to the ceremony. For people looking for budget wedding décor, our extensive collection of DIY wedding decorations can also help save money and give your wedding a unique look. Shutterfly’s decorations can help make your wedding dreams come true for any size wedding.

Shutterfly loves to help you customize your life with great personalized wedding gifts, stationery, décor, and more. Our unique wedding decorations can help make your ceremony special. From custom wedding invitations to DIY wedding signs and banners and more, this guide to DIY wedding décor can help you have the best wedding.

DIY Wedding Invitations

Show off your special wedding décor and hone your guest list with our special wedding invitations. As your center for personalized invitations and DIY wedding decorations, Shutterfly’s custom wedding invitations are unmatched. Start with your favorite design, then choose your paper. Our selection of paper has never been better, with choices including our Signature Smooth cardstock, Pearl Shimmer cardstock, or our new Luxe Double-Thick cardstock. Many of our unique invitations can be decorated with foil-stamp text and highlights, and your choice of trim. Just add the wedding information and a photo to set the stage for your entire wedding ceremony. Check out our wedding invitation hub to get started creating your perfect, personalized invite.

diy wedding decorations invitations invites in three different styles

DIY Wedding Yard Signs

Welcome loved ones with our DIY wedding signs. From rustic wedding sign designs to classic elegance, Shutterfly’s custom wedding signs are great for your for your reception or wedding. With many designs to choose from, our signs can help you put many personal touches on your DIY wedding, reception, bachelorette party, or any event.

DIY Celebration Banners

A banner can set a festive tone for your wedding or wedding reception. To give you the best options for your wedding, we offer bunting banners and vinyl banners. Aa bunting banner can be personalized with your own text and photos for your indoor events. These banners work great for entryways, receptions, or anywhere you want to add a special, unique touch.

For outdoor events, consider our vinyl wedding banner. Built for indoor or outdoor use, these custom wedding banners are easy to customize with the wedding couples’ names, some welcoming words, and even photos.

vinyl wedding banner and bunting banner for diy wedding decorations

DIY Wedding Table Decorations

To impress guests and make your Big Day as organized as possible, make sure your wedding ceremony and wedding reception are set off with fun DIY wedding decorations. Start with our DIY wedding programs and customize them with your own design and text explaining the event schedule. Then, at the reception or rehearsal have a place card for everyone. Use our wedding menu templates or upload your own design to make everyone’s day special.

featured image for DIY wedding decorations with different day of programs

DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas from a Wedding Expert

For even more inspired ideas for DIY wedding decorations, explore our wedding collection inspired by renowned expert Claire Roche. From gorgeous photo tiles and wall art to unique jewelry and keepsakes, this collection has everything to make a big impression for small weddings and big weddings alike.

custom engraved jewelry for bachelorette party gifts

Accessorize with DIY Wedding Jewelry

When you’re planning the wedding , it’s easy to forget that you and your betrothed are also a part of your DIY wedding decorations. The bride’s stunning dress may drop jaws to the floor, and everyone loves a handsome groom. Make a unique piece of jewelry for your partner to wear on this special occasion. Our Claire Roche collection features gorgeous, engraved cuffs and bar necklaces in silver, gold, or rose gold plating. Then, personalize it with the name of your beloved to make a great personal decoration for the day and a keepsake that they’ll always cherish.

diy wedding decorations photo tiles claire roche

Photo Tiles Are Perfect Wedding Decor Ideas

Custom photo tiles make awesome DIY wedding decorations and are great home décor after the event,. Decorate your dream wedding with these aluminum tiles using some of your favorite photos. Guide guests through each part of your relationship with fun photos from the beginning until the wedding rehearsals. Once the wedding celebration is over, give them as gifts or keep them as keepsakes.

diy wedding decorations claire roche collection mailing labels

Custom Address Labels for Your Wedding Announcements

Once the wedding ceremony is over, you may send out wedding announcements, thank you cards, and other niceties. Now, you can make your envelopes part of your DIY wedding decorations. Check out our wedding announcements and mail them using our Shutterfly custom address labels. Our labels come in tasteful design colors and you can personalize them with the newlyweds’ names.