18 Festive Graduation Centerpiece Ideas

Preparing for your graduation party is an exciting time. You get to celebrate your accomplishments with those you love and appreciate those who have supported you along the way.

To make your party stand out, choose graduation centerpieces that are personalized. For inspiration, we put together 18 graduation centerpiece ideas. From sharing graduation photo ideas to enjoying delicious treats, our list has it all.

Once you’ve chosen your centerpieces, decorate with other details like photo books and DIY photo boards. With the right decor, you’ll fill your celebration with love, laughter and creativity.

1. School Color Treats

Decorate cookies by dipping them in chocolate and sprinkles. Choose your school colors to personalize your tasty treats.

2. Senior Photo Book

graduation centerpieces yearbook senior portrait

Source: Shutterfly

Photo books provide guests with an inside look at the graduate’s experiences. Include senior portraits and sports season highlights. Your photo books will act as centerpieces and give guests something fun to look at.

3. Candles and Lanterns

Graduation decorations don’t have to be fancy or expensive. Try a classic look by placing candles inside lanterns. Place seashells around the lanterns for a beach theme.

4. DIY Picture Frame

Design picture frames to house favorite photos of the graduate. Decorate your frames with tassels, the year of graduation and an uplifting message.

5. Mason Jar Succulents

graduation centerpieces mason jar succulents

Source: Bungalow 47

Looking for simple mason jar ideas? Paint a couple with your school colors then fill them with succulents. You can reuse them as decor in their home or apartment.

6. Photo Bouquet

Gather your favorite photos from over the years — from soccer games to musical performances. Print your photos then secure them to sticks to form centerpieces that bring guests right into the action.

7. Geometric Terrarium

Build an earthy aura by using terrariums as your centerpieces. Fill each one with an air plant or succulent. The best part? These decorations can be reused as home decor.

8. Balloon Bundles

Opt for fun and festive graduation decorations. Fasten colored balloons together in a bundle for each table. Match your other decor to the balloons for a cohesive look.

9. Thank You Messages

graduation centerpieces thank you card

Source: Shutterfly

Show your appreciation for those celebrating with you with some heartfelt thank you cards. Place thank you messages on your tables to express your gratitude.

10. Graduation Cap Treats

Fill plastic champagne flutes with the graduate’s favorite candy. Build a graduation cap on top using cardstock and string. Place these on your table for decor that also doubles as a treat for guests.

11. Festive Planters

graduation centerpieces painted pineapple pot

Source: Vicky B. TV

Paint planters with bright tones, like these pots that mimic pineapples. The color and fresh greenery will bring life and energy to your party.

12. Coffee-Themed Tablescape

Does the graduate love lattes? Create a coffee-themed centerpiece by pouring beans into a decorative box or vase. Contrast the darkness of the coffee beans with white flowers and candles.

13. Pot of Seashells

For a relaxed aura or beach theme, pack seashells into a clay pot. The texture from the seashells will give your tables visual appeal and diversity.

14. Flowers And Driftwood

Give your graduation party a sophisticated look. Place seasonal flowers in a beautiful glass vase. Pair your blooms with a piece of driftwood.

15. Paper Plants

No need to purchase live plants for your centerpieces. Create leaves and petals out of colorful paper for decorations that will look great no matter the weather.

16. Petals and Antlers

If you’re looking for rustic-style graduation ideas, consider using antlers in your decor — either real or faux. Pair them with florals and candles for a balanced spread.

17. Spray Painted Vases

Make these DIY graduation decorations by spray painting glass bottles and vases. Paint them all the same color or mix up your tones for a more festive feel. Fill the vases with fresh blooms or fabric flowers.

18. Colorful Air Plants

graduation centerpieces air plants

Source: BlissMakes

Add flair to your graduation party. Spray paint faux air plants in fun colors like green and pink. Glue them to pieces of driftwood for playful graduation decorations.

Above all, your graduation is about appreciating the special moments and people in your life. Express your gratitude by sending personalized thank you cards.