Easy DIY Easter Crafts In 2021

Get ready for Easter with this collection of fun and colorful Easter crafts for kids and adults. Easter is right around the corner and if you are looking to liven up your home with cheery pastel colors or find whimsical fillings for your Easter gift baskets, you have come to the right place. With everything from bunnies to eggs to spring flowers, we have plenty of unique and easy DIY Easter crafts you can try your hand at, alone or with the kids. 

Sending Happy Easter cards to your friends and family is a thoughtful way to begin this fresh, new season. Let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them this spring with personalized Easter cards. Find your favorite design with our Easter collection or personalize your own designs and include some inspirational spring messages. You can also check out our unique Easter gifts to add an extra festive touch to any of your homemade Easter gift baskets or DIY Easter decorations.

Personalized DIY Easter Basket Ideas

Easter baskets come in all shapes and sizes. If you are someone who prefers things homemade or can never find a basket that has exactly what you want in it, you’ll soon discover that making your own DIY Easter baskets are easy and even better than the ones that you find in a store. Here are some fresh and peppy ideas on how to personalize your DIY Easter baskets.

child with Easter egg basket and bunny ears on Easter egg hunt in sunny spring garden

  • Eliminate the hassle of making baskets and just use pails! All you need to make your pails look Easter-ready is some crinkle cut paper grass or pastel tissue paper. Take your DIY Easter Baskets to the next level by picking up some custom stickers to personalize your pail. Personalized stickers are a simple solution to create unique and custom name tags and decorations for your baskets this upcoming holiday season.
  • Turn your leftover baskets from last year into something magical or colorful. Simply add bunny ears from a stuffed animal or incorporate the colors of spring by creating rainbow-themed DIY Easter baskets with pastel ribbon. The pastels will also blend in perfectly with those bunny ears and your baskets surely steal the show.  
  • Usher in spring with an Easter basket that will smell of the sweetest, freshest flowers. Pick up some flowers from your garden or market, an old Easter basket, glue gun and scissors for a basket that will put a stamp on your Easter gathering. Be sure to dress up your DIY Easter baskets even more with photo Easter cards for some personalization.

How To Make Easter Games For Kids

Make unforgettable memories with your family this holiday by playing these fun Easter games for kids. Your annual Easter egg hunt is just one of many options. These creative games will keep the fun going long after they’ve opened their Easter gift baskets. These festive activities – from a jelly bean relay race to a confetti-filled Easter egg advent calendar – will keep your young ones entertained and celebrating the true spirit of spring.

personalized puzzles personalized playing cards for kids

Games With Easter-Themed Playing Cards

Make an adorable Easter version of popular and classic children games with personalized playing cards. Adding bunnies, eggs, or chickadees to your go fish, old maid, or slapjack is a great way to incorporate some old fashioned fun into some Easter games for kids. Your playing cards can capture cherished moments from your previous Easters, which makes a great addition to Easter gift baskets.

Pin The Tail On An Easter Bunny

Play pin the tail on the Easter bunny! Print out an Easter bunny poster and a set of printable rabbit tails, have each player write their names on the tails and then add a small piece of tack to the back of each tail. After that, all you need to do is let everyone have a go at pinning their tail on the Easter Bunny and judge to see who wins!

DIY Easter vase bunny from glass jar

Jelly Bean Relay Race

Host a friendly competition between your kids to see who can transfer the most jelly beans from one cup to another by using only a spoon. Prep a cup full of jelly beans and then divide the kids and adults into teams. Consider preparing in advance by adding monograms of each teams’ name onto our custom mason jars for added team spirit. The first team to fill their cup wins.

Easter Advent Calendar

If your kids have fun opening advent calendars during the holidays, bring back the fun with Easter egg advent calendars. Since they will probably be getting enough chocolate and candy on Easter day, opt for each egg being filled with gifts or fun activities instead. Each day of the week leading up to Easter, crack open an egg to a colorful explosion of confetti and whatever filling of your choice. Here are ideas of what gifts and activities to put inside:

Best DIY Easter Decorations

Give an Easter makeover to your home with some fabulous DIY Easter decorations. No matter whether your home décor style is rustic, cute, glamorous, or vintage, there is something on this list for you. Guests at your Easter dinner or party are sure to be impressed with your crafting skills when you have one of these home-made decorations on display.

DIY holiday handicraft garland of colorful rabbits and craft tools

Bunny Tail Easter Garland

Decorate your walls with this cute nimbly Easter garland. If you have cotton balls at home, all you need to make these easy DIY Easter decorations are some scrapbook paper and yarn. If you want to take it a step further, really elevate your walls by pairing your bunny garland up with some of our eye-catching wall art.

Easter egg on plant inside the house

Easter Egg Tree

If there’s a spot in your house that is missing that holiday touch, you can swoop in and with an Easter egg tree. Get crafty by making your own Easter ornaments with flowers, bunnies, and of course, eggs. This Easter egg tree is a super simple project that will make your home look Easter-ready in as little as an hour. Add your own personal touch to your DIY Easter decorations with some custom Easter cards.

Paper toy Happy Easter home party easy crafts for kids

Paper Roll Animal Craft

If you’ve been looking for easy Easter crafts for kids that double as excellent DIY Easter decorations, we’ve got you covered. This toilet paper roll Easter animal craft is perfect. All you need is some paint, craft paper, and glue to create these unique little critters and your kids will have fun creating whatever they want however they want. This is a breeze to make and a blast to put together since each animal can have their unique look and personality.

Personalized Easter Gifts For Adults

Make your own adult DIY Easter box for your friends and family with fun gifts inside. You may think Easter baskets are just for kids, but adults can totally get in on the action too. Spray paint an old wooden crate with your desired color. Let dry and decorate to your heart’s desire. Take a look below for some ideas that may help you decide what you’d like to put in your loved one’s adult Easter gift baskets.

personalized drink sleeves and glassware for adults

  • Fill the box with gifts like their favorite drink paired with personalized glassware, chocolate and Happy Easter cards.
  • Hand out custom tote bags as creative Easter egg hunt baskets that double as party favors so guests can use all year long. Embroidered canvas tote bags are useful, environmentally-friendly, and make great gifts for any occasion and any recipient.
  • Keep your friends and loved ones warm and cozy during those chilly spring nights with beautiful custom blankets. Add your favorite photos, names, monograms, and even special messages to create one of kind personalized Easter gifts. These blankets will go great with those DIY Easter decorations for your adult Easter gift baskets.

Final Thoughts on DIY Easter Crafts

Whether you want to whip up something to put on your front door, need a unique centerpiece, or brighten up your Easter gift baskets, these pastels, bunny-shaped, egg-centric DIY projects will add a cute touch to all of it. Each and every one of these DIY Easter decorations and homemade crafts are family-friendly and inexpensive so kids and adults of all ages can enjoy and get their craft on.

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