Gift Ideas for Family, Friends, and More

Choosing the best gift can be stressful, even for the people you know the best. It’s hard to balance the right gift that can be useful but that you know they’ll truly love. Luckily, Shutterfly makes it easy to browse gift ideas for everyone on your list and every occasion. Our personalized gifts are perfect for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, and those moments when you just want to show your appreciation. These gift ideas also make great home decor, games and activities, accessories, and much more. Take the anxiety out of gift-giving and know that you’ve made the best choice!

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Gifts for Family

Your family can be some of the most difficult gifts to give. Though you likely know them the best, they’re the people in your life who will most often say they don’t need anything when you ask for gift ideas. Instead of scratching your head, consider some of these great ideas for everyone in your family below. Whether you’re gifting for mom or trying to find something for your younger sibling, Shutterfly has a variety of products the whole family can enjoy.

  • Gifts for mom: Chances are, your mom will appreciate anything sentimental. Gift her a photo book with family photos throughout the years that she can enjoy and leave out to display as home decor.
  • Gifts for dad: The best gift for dad might be sentimental as well as practical. Design a custom phone case to protect his phone while also showing off photos of the family, pets, or his favorite destinations. 
  • Gifts for siblings: If you have a younger sibling, they’ll love a photo jigsaw puzzle to keep them busy and help stimulate their creativity. For an older or adult sibling, consider a custom tote bag with a design they’ll love – perfect for bringing to school, work, and the gym. 
  • Gifts for your spouse: For your husband or wife, show them you appreciate them while also giving a gift they can use long term. Engraved jewelry is always a great idea for your wife, while a beautiful custom luggage tag could be great for the husband who loves to travel.

The Best Gift for Friends

When shopping for friends, you can always go the sentimental route, or offer a gift that matches their personality and hobbies. For a keepsake gift, consider a personalized photo cube with pictures of you together. You can also customize the photo cube with any other photos they’ll love, including photos of their pets or places you know they’ve been. A photo cube is a great gift for all friends because it shows you appreciate them. Unlike a framed photo print or other types of decor, a photo cube is small enough to place anywhere without interrupting the interior design inside their home. With Shutterfly’s photo cubes, you’ll be able to add your own messages or even add their name or monogram to make it even more special.

Custom photo cube with photos of friends and family hanging out together

A Gift Idea for Coworkers

Oftentimes, our coworkers become a type of second family. We spend most of our days with them, which creates unique bonds and tight friendships. Even if you don’t spend time with your coworkers outside of work, they can become special colleagues you may have for years to come. Whether it’s the holidays or the birthday, it always means a lot to give a small gift and show you appreciate them. With Shutterfly, a great gift idea for coworkers is a custom notebook. You can add photos or just include a quote or message on the cover that you know they’ll love. Whether they use it at work or home, it’s a sweet gift that’s both special and useful. 

Custom notebooks for a Christmas gift for moms

Gifts for Every Occasion

Aside from the holidays, there are common occasions that we encounter throughout the year. People move, and it’s a great celebration to welcome them home. Students graduate and anniversaries roll around every year. Not to mention the number of friends and family member’s birthdays that we have to remember! Feel more prepared this year with gifts for every occasion. The next time you see that date creeping up on the calendar, you’ll know exactly what to buy.

Housewarming Gifts

Helping welcome someone into their new home is fun for everyone! The new homeowners can enjoy showing everyone the new place, while guests have the chance to offer fun housewarming gifts. With Shutterfly, you can offer personalized housewarming gifts that fit into the home regardless of style and design. If you’re looking for a small housewarming gift, consider creating custom tea towels. Tea towels are a great gift since you can add photos and custom text. The homeowners can pair the white towels with other colors to make sure it matches their color scheme. If you know their design style, you can offer something bigger to help get them started with home decor. Create a custom canvas print that can hang or place on any wall with a family photo or other unique design.

White custom tea towel with monogram

Graduation Gifts

Graduation is a big time in everyone’s life, whether you’re celebrating a college grad or high school grad, it’s easy to find the best gifts with Shutterfly. One great idea for all graduates is a custom travel tumbler. If they’re headed to college, they’ll need it to stay caffeinated between classes. For the college graduate headed to their first post-grad job, they’ll also enjoy taking the tumbler to work. Add special photos and unique messages to customize the tumbler to their tastes. Another great idea for graduates is a custom monthly planner to help them stay organized for school and work.

Personalized travel tumbler with photo collage and illustration

Birthday Gifts

Birthday gifts can be one of the most difficult presents to find throughout the year. Between family, friends, and coworkers, birthdays pop up often and you can find yourself feeling unprepared. With Shutterfly, you’ll always have the perfect birthday present for everyone in your life. When it comes to birthday gifts for her, consider a personalized wristlet. Its small size makes it perfect for the fashionistas in your life as well as those who seek out more practical accessories. If you’re on the hunt for gifts for him, you really can’t go wrong with a photo coffee mug. Even if he doesn’t drink coffee, he’ll appreciate the unique mug for everything from hot chocolate to tea. For any birthday, don’t forget to include a birthday card as well! For colleagues and acquaintances, a custom birthday card can be the best gift you can offer.

Custom coffee mug with photo collage and moon illustration with quote

Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary gifts offer the opportunity to be romantic and sentimental, and Shutterfly has plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’ve been married for years or you’re celebrating a few years of dating, you can create a personalized gift that shows how much you care. Some great ideas include personalized picture frames that you can customize with photos of the two of you together along with a sweet photo caption. If you’re married and want to go the traditional route, shop wedding anniversary gifts by the year to find out which theme applies to each year.

personalized picture frame with photo collage of married couple and heart illustrations

More Unique Gift Ideas

If our earlier gift ideas didn’t spark any “aha” moments for you, try some of these more unique gifts below. For the friend who’s a dog mom to her core, we have you covered with great pet gifts. The same goes for a cat mom or dog dad! Shutterfly also offers sustainable gifts for everyone on your list who loves to shop green. Our reusable products will keep them avoiding waste for years to come. Also, browse our budget-friendly gift ideas for when you don’t want to spend too much or know you have a budget limit for the gift.

Pet Gifts

Customizing gifts for pet lovers is a great way to show you care about their interests and fur babies! Shutterfly offers a variety of pet gifts that both the owners and pets will love. If you’re looking to offer something that includes a funny pet photo, a fleece photo blanket is always a great idea. Whether you add a big photo of their cat or dog or create a photo collage, they’ll love snuggling up with the pets and a funny pet blanket too! Other options include useful products like custom cat collars and dog collars. Add their pet’s name along with a cute design that shows off their personality.

Custom pet collar

Sustainable Gifts

For the eco-friendly people in your life, offer gifts that are reusable and less wasteful. Even if your friends and family aren’t focused on sustainability yet, they’ll still love these gifts that help them reduce waste. One option is a custom stainless steel water bottle. Instead of purchasing single-use plastic bottles, these washable options are durable and long-lasting, helping to eliminate tons of plastic waste. With a cute design, they’ll always want to reach for the reusable water bottle anyways! Also, design reusable shopping bags with your choice of photos and designs. Instead of accumulating thin plastic bags in landfills, these reusable bags are washable and look great at the store.

stainless steel water bottle that says hello gorgeous

Gifts Under $50

If you’re on a budget, it’s still easy to shop with Shutterfly and find the best gifts for your loved ones. Our gifts under $50 include everything from kitchen accessories to home and wall decor. With multiple customization options, each deal under $50 offers great savings. Many of our gifts under $50 include options for everyone on your list at steep price cuts. For example, shop a personalized beer growler for nearly $15 off the original price. Other ideas include custom cutting boards, engraved jewelry, and desk organizers.

Gifts Under $25

If you’re on an even tighter budget, Shutterfly still offers plenty of options for gifts under $25. From custom wine glasses to photo face masks, you can find something for everyone. Gifts under $25 are perfect for smaller occasions or gifts for coworkers and colleagues. If you’re also looking for a gift for yourself, you can find some amazing home accessories at affordable prices, such as cotton tote bags and custom coasters.

Finding the Right Gift Ideas

Finding the right gift ideas doesn’t have to be hard. With Shutterfly, you can find something for everyone regardless of their age or the occasion. Before shopping, just take the time to consider who they are and what they might love or find useful. Even with the most practical gift, Shutterfly lets you customize it and add your own personal touch to make it sentimental. The perfect gift will always be something that comes from the heart, no matter what it is! It’s true that it’s the thought that counts, and adding personalization is a great way to show how thoughtful you are.

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