5 Lovely Rustic Wedding Thank You Card Ideas

If your wedding has a rustic theme, you’re bringing woodgrain, lace and other natural touches to every element. The final detail your wedding guests will see, rustic wedding thank you cards are the finishing touch to send thanks to your family and friends for being a part of it.

Some of your guests brought gifts, others helped you celebrate and still others supported you with their time and talents. You appreciate it all and are ready to express your thanks through the written word.

Outdoor wedding photo of bride and groom.

Whether your rustic wedding was outdoors on a farm, in a barn or at a winery, express your thanks on theme with personalized rustic thank you cards that feature a custom wedding photo and nature-inspired designs.

“The written word is not dead,” says wedding planner Susan Cordogan of Big City Bride. “In fact, it is very much alive and is often times the only communication you will have with your wedding guests.”

Susan encourages newlyweds to send out timely, hand-written thank you cards to wedding guests, friends and family who sent gifts, and everyone and anyone who helped plan and organize the big shebang.

Today’s wedding thank you cards are as lovely as the main wedding invitations, allowing couples to customize and personalize cards that reflect their unique wedding theme and love story.

With a wide selection of designer thank you card templates to choose from, Shutterfly® can help you create the perfect rustic thank you cards for your wedding.

Here, three simple steps to creating your own rustic wedding thank you cards.

  • Pick a thank you card template. Rustic Themed Wedding Thank You Cards and Templates

Rustic Themed Wedding Thank You Cards and Templates

Along with the added to tie-in to your rustic-themed wedding, Susan says the rustic style is also a great choice for eco-conscious couples.

“Thank you notes created from recycled materials can provide a rustic vibe while also being considerate of Mother Nature,” she says.

The perfect thank you card template is one that’s easy to use and reflects your unique rustic theme. Time to get inspired by some of our favorite designer templates.

Glowing Bright

Rustic-themed wedding thank you card.

With twinkle lights and a custom photo, Glowing Bright is a classic rustic-style thank you card you can send to family and friends after your wedding day.

Glowing Bright is a simple and elegant wedding thank you card template featuring strings of twinkle lights – classic rustic wedding decor. To personalize this card, simply upload your favorite photograph, preferably one that reflects your rustic wedding or special rustic-inspired photo shoot.

You can also customize the color and type of font. As a lovely folded card, Glowing Bright offers plenty of room on the inside for a personal note that expresses your gratitude.

Personalize Glowing Bright with your photo today.

Lovely Floral

Floral wedding thank you card.

Your rustic or farmhouse wedding was perfect. Now, send the perfect thank you cards that reflect your nature-inspired color scheme and style.

In a soft peach background, Lovely Floral is a feminine and pretty thank you card featuring a floral and green wreath elegantly wrapped around the words “Thank You.” Designed by Clover, this nature-inspired card allows couples to customize the font with their names and wedding date. Perfect for rustic, barn and farmhouse weddings, Lovely Floral is a folded card with room for couples to write heartfelt messages of thanks and gratitude.

Order Lovely Floral to send to your nearest and dearest.


 Photo Fanatic

Wooden photo wedding thank you card.

Bring your rustic wedding theme to life with this wooden thank you card featuring six frames for custom photographs of your big day.

Can’t pick one single photograph? You might just be a photo fanatic, the name of this rustic-inspired thank you card template. Designed by Yours Truly, this template features a dark, rich woodgrain background and six small white frames in which you can upload your own wedding photos. The final look is a clean photo collage of your favorite moments, creating a lovely keepsake for friends and family.

Customize Photo Fanatic with your photos and color palette now.

Gilded Border

Chalkboard wedding thank you card.

Upload a photograph from your rustic-themed wedding to create contemporary thank you cards that reflect your unique wedding style and love story.

Gilded Border is a contemporary thank you card template featuring a rustic chalkboard background, loose and fun script, and a large frame to upload your own photo. Designed by Blonde Designs, this template also allows you to customize the color palette to match your wedding day color scheme.

Use Gilded Border to create your perfect rustic wedding thank you cards.




Special Sprig

Rustic style wedding thank you card.

Your outdoor rustic wedding is captured here, with a custom photograph of your big day along with your initials in a wooden frame that’s decorated with green fern branches.

A rustic wedding thank you card for the modern bride, Special Sprig features classy natural textures: a small chalkboard and wooden frame for the couple’s initials and a cork background behind the words “Thank You.” Make it yours by adding an image from your rustic wedding or photo shoot, framed by ticket trim and a white border.

Purchase a rustic wedding thank you card to thank family and friends for wedding gifts and company.



Tips on How to Capture the Rustic Theme on Paper

“Print goods are the perfect place for couples to go rustic,” says Susan. Use these expert tips to help you bring your rustic theme to life on paper.

Incorporate natural elements. “When I think rustic, I typically think of events that have an outdoorsy, eclectic, or overall organic feel to them,” says Susan. She suggests incorporating visualizations of textures such as metal, wood and glass.

Consider recycled materials. Recycled elements can help give your print a more weathered feel or natural look, both of which emphasize the rustic theme. Consider recycled paper or eco-friendly materials to bring the outdoors to your thank you cards.

Pick rustic colors, motifs and designs. When coming up with the design, go for classic rustic graphics such as trees, flowers or various elements of nature, says Susan. Picking natural colors is also a great way to add a rustic touch.

Add rustic materials. “Burlap, leather, or even wire ribbons are a fun way to easily add some rustic flare to a thank you card,” says Susan. She also suggests rustic touches such as adding a twine tie or green sprig to make it feel extra special.

DIY Designer Tips for Making Perfect Wedding Photo Thank You Cards

Many of the wedding thank you cards featured on Shutterfly® allow couples to upload custom images. Use these designer tips to ensure you make the most of these photo templates.

  1. Free yourself of rules. “Just like today’s weddings, wedding print goods have no rules,” says Susan.

According to Susan, couples should free themselves from the mold and pick paper goods that match their mood. For example, if you had a formal wedding but are moving to a rustic home, sending a rustic thank you card is the perfect way to announce your new living arrangements.

If you love for things to match, then pick a thank you note that carries the same look and feel as your entire wedding. Susan reminds couples that there is no wrong answer when it comes to designing thank you cards.

  1. Start with your favorite photograph. Don’t just go with any photograph. Take your time and select an image that you and your spouse simply love.

Whether you use a professional image from your photographer or an amateur shot from a member of the wedding party, starting with your favorite image ensures that you’ll create a memorable thank you card that’s a true reflection of your personal style and taste.

  1. Design around your photograph. Susan suggests starting with a photo that you love and then designing around it. This means that the photo becomes the star of the card.

Once you have the image, you can match the font and colors to the photograph.

Personalized Rustic Wedding Thank You Cards

“A formal thank you note is the exclamation point at the end of a great wedding experience,” says Susan.

Ready to say thank you in style? Start personalizing your favorite rustic thank you card template now or peruse our entire collection to find the finishing touch for your special day. Need a little more inspiration? Here are great examples of thank you card messages.