Celebrate Dad With These Meaningful Father’s Day Gifts

This Father’s Day, celebrate your hero in big ways with gifts that are just as creative and thoughtful as he is. Whether you’re looking for the best gift ideas for first time new dads, a well-seasoned pro like Grandpa, or any other important men in your life, we’ve compiled a list of unique Father’s Day gifts that will make your special guy feel loved and appreciated. From all-day experiences to personalized gifts that suit any style, we’ll help you find a gift that’ll create lasting memories long after the holiday is over. In addition, explore our Father’s Day gift guide to find gifts that your dad will love.

Best Personalized Gifts To Surprise Your Dad

Looking for something thoughtful and heartfelt to surprise your dad with the best Father’s Day gifts this Father’s Day? Show him how thankful you are with a gift packed with personality and sentiment. This list of gifts for dad includes everything from a monogrammed BBQ apron to a custom children’s book for new dads, proving that personal is always the way to go. If you want to take things up a notch, pair these instant keepsakes with a personalized Father’s Day card or DIY gifts.

Superhero Cape

Not all heroes wear capes, but a personalized cape is a fun way you can remind a “superdad” just how much of a hero he is to you. An especially great project for the kids, a superhero cape can be customized with his face, his kids’ faces, or any of his favorite sports teams’ logos and more!

Grilling Apron

personalized apron and cutting board

If your dad is a self-proclaimed grill master, a monogrammed apron letting him know that he’s #1 in your heart is the perfect personalized gift for him this year. You can customize the apron with a message of your choosing or with photos of family memories.

Framed Map Set

Where is your dad’s ultimate favorite place? Have it “mapped” out on framed prints for him to hang as wall art. Whether it’s a place he would love to move, where he came from, where he and your mom met, or the go-to family vacation spot, this personalized gift for Dad will definitely give him something to smile about at the office.

Family Photo Puzzle

If playing games with his family is one of Dad’s favorite pastimes, a photo puzzle will be the ultimate family game night activity. This customizable puzzle will be a great addition to his never-ending puzzle collection.

Ticket Stub Diary

custom photo book for father's day on table

If you’re a sentimental hoarder, gather all of your collective concert tickets, movie stubs, and museum passes from all the days you hung out with your dad and stick them in the memorabilia pocket of your custom photo book so they can stay protected and remembered for years to come. You can even add text to each page to jot down highlights, funny stories, and inside jokes

Keepsake Box

Your dad’s prized possessions deserve to be treated as such! Keep your dad organized with a customizable keepsake box where he can store all his personal mementos. This personalized keepsake box will make a lasting impression so that he’ll never lose an important watch or accessory again.

Family Recipe Cutting Board

Every family has a special recipe that has been passed through generations, so why not etch that recipe permanently into a wooden chopping board to create into a wonder family heirloom?

Beer Growler

personalized beer growler, mug, and flask

Design a personalized beer growler for your dad this Father’s Day, so he can bring his favorite craft beer with him wherever he happens to be going. You can also get him an entire custom glassware set with mason jars, pint glasses, and pilsners, to complement his all-time favorite beers.

“Open when…” Card Bundle

Father’s Day comes only once a year, but you can give a gift that continues to celebrate Dad in every season. An “open when” card bundle is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Easily make your own custom cards for different occasions and label the envelopes with “open when” moments. Here are some ideas:

  • Open when you need a pick-me-up
  • Open when you want to read something funny
  • Open on a vacation day

The idea is that you’ll gift all the cards on Father’s Day, but as the name of this gift idea suggests, he’ll open them as instructed. Add your favorite memories, inside jokes, or life lessons for a gift Dad will cherish for years to come.

A Journal To Tell His Story

There comes an age when people like to write down their memoirs. Gift your dad a personalized journal this Father’s Day so that he can start jotting down his newfound wisdom and fond memories that will eventually get passed down for you and your kids to read.

Premium Poster Of Your Man’s Best Friend

little girl and her dog on a poster

Gift your dad with a premium poster of your family dog or cat that makes for an attractive personalized gift for dads who love their pets.

Dinner Plate

Celebrate the love you have for your father with a custom dinner plate that showcases just how much he’ll always mean to you. Plates with custom photos and designs add the perfect touch to celebrate all of life’s special occasions.


custom coaster set with a beer glass

Show your dad this Father’s Day you appreciate all he has done with a simple statement on a personalized coaster that will be unforgettable and forever appreciated. Put a photo of Dad, along with all his children, grandkids, on a coaster that suits any style.

Wireless Charger

If your dad loves to travel and takes you camping every chance he gets, a custom wireless charger is a must to help keep in plugged in whether he’s fishing, golfing, bowling, or jet skiing.

Children’s Story Book

custom story book with super hero dad

Make bedtime reading with Dad even more memorable by having your kids personalize their own children’s story book with personal details such as names, activities, year of birth, and more! This personalized book will be wonderful to read with the little ones, and a touching reminder when they’re all grown up.

Photo Collage Blanket

Whether it’s used to snuggle up under or as a unique piece of wall art, this fleece blanket highlights the best family moments as a reminder of the great memories you’ve shared and more to come. Perfect for a night in front of the TV, these personalized blankets are sure to keep the family warm on cold nights.

Picture Frame Full Of Memories

group of picture frames on table

Simple but so effective, these personalized picture frames allow you to turn special memories into home and office décor. With more than 30 custom frames to choose from, you can display your dad’s favorite photos with engraved heartfelt messages. For example, you can frame pictures with the location and date of the birth of each of his children, along with a sweet quote about the importance of fatherhood.

Keychain Keepsakes

Have your dad carry around a reminder from you that he’s your hero with a personalized keychain. This keychain can be customized with any message of choice, whether it’s a meaningful piece of text or a memorable date.

Fun Father’s Day Activities You Can Easily Plan

Along with all the personalized gifts and thoughtful Father’s Day cards, take your celebration to the next level with another gift – an experience that will leave lasting memories for years to come. We’ve got just the right activities perfect for foodie dads, beer lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and more. These unique Father’s Day activities allow your dad to spend real, quality time with you, which is the best present of all.

Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed

Is there really anything better than eating breakfast without having to leave the comforts of bed? Didn’t think so. Breakfast in bed may seem like a small gesture, but it’s one he’ll appreciate, especially the busy dads who don’t usually eat a hearty breakfast or skip it entirely. Start his Father’s Day with some of his favorite breakfast staples, or a little bit of everything if he’s not picky!

Movie Night Gift Bag

With a little creativity and items you can pick up from a local store, give your dad a movie night gift bag that beats a trip to the theater any day. Get a gift bag and fill it with microwave popcorn, his favorite candy, and drinks to sip on. Other additions could include a cozy throw blanket, a personalized drinking glass, and gift cards to movie-streaming services. The whole family will definitely enjoy spending a night in and watching his favorite flick.

Pitch A Tent In Your Backyard

Especially if the kids are too young to make it through a night at a campsite, consider setting up a tent in your backyard for a similar experience. He can enjoy the fun that camping brings, be it ghost stories, campfires, and sleeping bag snuggles. If anything, the whole family can head inside if it gets too cold or uncomfortable!

Organize A Beer Tasting

Enjoy the offerings of favorite craft beers with your old man by picking up a beer tasting flight in advance. Pour a mix of lagers, ales, and IPAs from local breweries. That way, you can support local businesses while helping him discover new favorites. Don’t forget to pair his favorite drafts with some personalized beer steins!

Revisit The Best Games In Sports History

If your dad is a sports buff, hunker down in front of the TV with him and watch his team on Father’s Day. Track down their best games for an all-day marathon. Just make sure the marathon ends on a winning note for dad’s sake and yours!

Plan A Family Game Night

If your dad is a real stickler about screen time, give him what he really wants this Father’s Day: quality bonding time with the whole family. Once you convince everyone to step away from their screens, battle it out over a few board games, or see how well you can work together with complicated jigsaw puzzles. Just let Dad pick which game he wants to start with.

Clean His Car

Whether he already keeps his car impeccably clean or it’s a repository for receipts, crumbs, and loose change, Dad’s car could always use a good cleaning, even if it’s just the exterior. Offer to clean his ride by washing it yourself, or if it needs a serious deep clean, consider getting it professionally detailed. Include gifting a bundle of automobile cleaning supplies such as wax, a sponge, soap, and window cleaner.

Learn Something New Together

Your dad is never too old to learn new tricks. For those who want to give something your dad can immediately enjoy, you can give him the gift of online classes that you can take together. There’s nothing more gratifying than mastering a new skill, and it’s an even better experience when you get to share it with someone you love. If he has his heart set on learning a new language, you can spend some quality time nailing down phrases, tenses, and basic words to practice with him.

Steal His Heart With Sweets

The only thing sweeter than your relationship with your Dad is the Father’s Day cake that you’ll bake him! Find one that best matches his flavor preferences, and then dress it up with decorations that suit his interests.

Virtually Travel Together

Your vacation plans may be on hold, but there are still so many ways you and your dad can explore the magnificent wonders of the world. Take a virtual trip across the pond to explore sights and sounds of The Lourve in Paris, Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, or The British Museum in London. If he’d rather keep it stateside, bring out his inner child with a tour of Walt Disney World, including firework display and virtual rides.

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